Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


This concludes my renders for 2016.  I have for the 1st time ever tried a snow scene in Bryce. Quite a process and render time took about 1 hour 40 minutes to complete!!

Happy Christmas and New Year 2017!


Friday, June 24, 2016


The village scene (which includes train) is called Amethyst Hill.  I got the original model from SketchUp Warehouse made by Demuline.  I have included the original model to show what it looks like with 2D trees!!  I had removed almost all the trees and used 3D trees from Bryce 7.1 to give a more realistic feel to the scene.  The train model, bakkie with horse trailer and vintage car are free models I have downloaded separately.

The 2nd town scene consists of only SketchUp models.  The mountain is part of Bryce 7.1.

The donut mini shop model is from SketchUp Warehouse.  The characters are Genesis 2 Male/Female from Daz Studio 4.8.

The shop interior is from the shop I have built in SketchUp.  All interior parts are from SketchUp Warehouse.  The character is Genesis 2 Female (DS Studio 4.8).

Sunday, December 20, 2015


The attached image is done in Bryce 7.  The "Burger Shot" model is from Google SketchUp Warehouse.  The old car is also from the same site.  The customers are the Genesis 2 male/female from Daz Studio 4.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


A Bryce render of a ventriloquest puppet.  The body part I got from SketchUp Warehouse and the head freebie here.  I have to add that I am surprised with the quality of head as appearing in Bryce. The original model look quite strange and also have very bad parts at the back of the head.  I have turned the head in such a way one can not see it! And it can't be morphed, well I haven't tried it out yet. The head expression is too scary for my liking!  The body are in 2 parts and can't be morphed properly.  The arms are fixed to body and can't be moved.

The character is Genesis male figure from Daz Studio.  I need to work more with exporting from DS to Bryce.  Genesis has a strange body texture! The puppet colours are quite nice though.


Here is the 1st building I have attempted in SketchUp which is quite user friendly and has a much easier interface than for instance Blender!  The other buildings, shop interior and vehicle are from SketchUp Warehouse.  The characters are  Daz Studio's G2 male and G2 female and K4 (Kids4).  K4 is dressed with a paperboy set by Cybertenko which is a freebie at Renderosity.

Monday, November 17, 2014


The 1905 Circa Perambulator 3D model made by Hypnagogia which I have used in the "High Society" scene further down here, I have modified into a stroller style pram with umbrella and footrest.  Unfortunately some parts of the model can't be ungrouped and therefore not be textured the way I would love to! The umbrella and handle are models I got over at the Google Sketchup Warehouse.  For the modification I had to take the model into Hexagon 2.5.  The scene as seen here is done in Bryce 7.

Pram to the left is the original from Hypnagogia which textures beautifully!  You can download his model at

Done in Hexagon 2.5:

Test scenes in Bryce:

Monday, November 10, 2014


For the "High Society" render I have used SketchUp building models from (1) here and (2) here .

Both the prams, 1905 Circa Perambulator (Pram) by Hypnagogia and "very old pram" by Jacky Tessier are available from (currently there are problems to log in to ShareCG, hopefully the site will be back on again soon!). Both the Genesis 2 Females are dressed in "Roaring Twenties" clothing by Wilmap available on her site here .  These clothing originally made to fit Genesis.  The streets are from a product called "City Roads" from Daz3D.

I have struggled quite a bit to add more lighting inside of the tea room as originally it was too dark to see anything inside!  It is a fully furnished building which make this a wonderful model to work with as one can do interiors as well. :)