Sunday, May 06, 2012


Here is another set of PSP icing tubes.  I haven't colorized the white icing tubes but I am sure that you should be able to do that manually within Paint Shop Pro when you open the tube on a transparent layer.  After colorizing you can export it back to your picture tubes folder, rename it with the new colour or whatever you want to name it.  Remember to rename it anyway otherwise you will overwrite the existing white tube you worked on in the folder!  Well, I suppose this could happen, huh!

Link to the 2nd set of  PSP tubes at 4shared:

If you play around with the icing tube settings and combine tubes as I did you would be able to get a multitude of various possibilities.  I hope you like these tubes.  Please do leave comments here or at 4shared.  Many people take goodies but never say thanks ... and then one will never know what most people think of your work.  On 1 item alone there was a count of more than a 1000 downloads at 4shared but only a very few commented.  Thank you for those that do comment.  :))

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Another freebie made in Paint Shop Pro!

This frame I have done in Paint Shop Pro by making use of chocolate and biscuit textures (both are from cake and biscuit photos) and for the cream part I've used my own made icing PSP tube.  The chocolate stars are separate PSP tubes I got as freebies on the web.  To get the effect of melting chocolate, etc. I've used PSP warp brush.  It is in .png format.  Please leave comments so that I have an idea of what you think of my work!

Download link:

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


For a long time I have searched for icing tubes for Paint Shop Pro but it's hard to find.  Finally I got a tutorial on making one's own icing shape presets in PSP and has followed that in trying making my own version thereof.   But I was not quite satisfied with the end result, specially with the bevel setting and played a bit more with it until I got the result as in this freebie I want to share with you.  If you like these please let me know in comments.  This is only 1 style I have tried and will make more icing styles later on.

Link to tutorial for PSP icing:

Here is the preview of the icing tube set:

Download link at 4Shared:



Anonymous:  Baie dankie vir die kommentaar en dat jy van die versier tubes hou.  Ek het 'n 2de stel opgelaai met 'n bietjie meer tubes in.  Hoop jy kan hulle ook gebruik! :)