Friday, September 14, 2007

Digi-Scrap Logo for my Web Page

One of the logos I have done to use at my web page ... scrapbook style!

Butterfly Heaven

Here is one of my first 3D images ... "Butterfly Heaven" - A Vue D'Esprit 3.1 creation.

Today is the first time I am on a blog. I have seen quite a lot of very stylish blogs but as I am still in the beginning of mine it will take some time to be in the same league as the others. I am not a writer and will not leave you to read long, boring messages - LOL. I simply want to share my art with those who will be interested to see it ... and love to hear their comments. I have only started with digi-scrap (digital scrapbooking) a year ago. I also love to create images in 3D with 3D rendering programs such as Vue D'Esprit and Bryce.

You must all take care. God Bless.

Laura (aka Launok)