Sunday, May 15, 2011


Although I am referring in my header of this blog that sketching and painting are also part of my work of art, I haven't posted any here. Here are some quite old copies of my work. The rest are shown under albums at my Facebook profile. I have to admit, since I have started playing around with 3D (see an earlier blog post here) I have not even once touch a pencil or paint brush at all ... which means for quite some years now I haven't sketched or painted! I have to do something about that, now that I am on pension and have much more time on hand. Even scrapbook I want to start too as this is quite a big attraction for people to store their long-life memories of old photo stock ... almost in story-book style with all the lovely borders and extra elements added to the albums! :)

Just something about my sketch here "Praise the Lord" ... it was done for a competition for our Easter Church Camp that year (1998). The theme: Our vision of the forthcoming camp! I used the AFM logo as part of my sketch as I am a member of the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission). I won the 1st price, a book: "The Power of Prayer". But this competition was also sad as one of the participants committed suicide just before the camp - he was a Recce and couldn't adapt after that period back into normal life home. Apparently many Recce's (soldiers) have a great ordeal to adapt to normal life thereafter!

The copies of the sketches (pencil/pastel) and watercolours are not good as it wasn't scanned but photographed. Most of them are A3 size and my scanner can only fit A4 size paper.

If it's not for God who gives me strength to carry on everyday of my life and be my Saviour & King, nothing of this would have been possible. I give Him all the Glory and Praise Him!

God Bless,
Here goes:

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Heather Oliver said...

I am thrilled to hear that you give the Lord all the glory and honour. That is what He deserves. I am a Christian and one thing that I do with my 'art' is design background designs to go on slideshows for our church. I put appropriate Christian photos behind the words of the hymns and Bible readings and they are projected onto a screen at the front of the church. I get my photos through free sharing groups online who make photos into tubes to use with PSP. I love using my God-given talent for Him.

Keep on serving Him and you won't fail. His plan for your life may be different than what your plan is but it is always the best plan!

God bless you.

Heather from Canada