Sunday, October 11, 2015


A Bryce render of a ventriloquest puppet.  The body part I got from SketchUp Warehouse and the head freebie here.  I have to add that I am surprised with the quality of head as appearing in Bryce. The original model look quite strange and also have very bad parts at the back of the head.  I have turned the head in such a way one can not see it! And it can't be morphed, well I haven't tried it out yet. The head expression is too scary for my liking!  The body are in 2 parts and can't be morphed properly.  The arms are fixed to body and can't be moved.

The character is Genesis male figure from Daz Studio.  I need to work more with exporting from DS to Bryce.  Genesis has a strange body texture! The puppet colours are quite nice though.

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