Friday, June 24, 2016


The village scene (which includes train) is called Amethyst Hill.  I got the original model from SketchUp Warehouse made by Demuline.  I have included the original model to show what it looks like with 2D trees!!  I had removed almost all the trees and used 3D trees from Bryce 7.1 to give a more realistic feel to the scene.  The train model, bakkie with horse trailer and vintage car are free models I have downloaded separately.

The 2nd town scene consists of only SketchUp models.  The mountain is part of Bryce 7.1.

The donut mini shop model is from SketchUp Warehouse.  The characters are Genesis 2 Male/Female from Daz Studio 4.8.

The shop interior is from the shop I have built in SketchUp.  All interior parts are from SketchUp Warehouse.  The character is Genesis 2 Female (DS Studio 4.8).

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